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Case Study: How Aspen Earth Helped a Construction Company Reduce Costs with Custom Plastic Parts


A construction company specializing in reinforced concrete structures approached Aspen Earth with a challenge. They needed a cost-effective solution for their rebar assembly process. The metal clips used to hold the rebar in place were expensive, time-consuming to install, and prone to rusting. The company was looking for a lightweight, durable alternative that could reduce costs and improve efficiency.


Aspen Earth's team of engineers worked closely with the construction company to understand their requirements and develop a custom solution. They designed a lightweight plastic accessory that could replace the metal clips used in the rebar assembly process. The plastic accessory was designed to be durable and withstand the harsh conditions of a construction site.

Using their in-house injection molding capabilities, Aspen Earth manufactured the plastic accessories. Injection molding allowed for the production of high-quality parts with tight tolerances and repeatability, at a lower cost compared to traditional machining methods.


After implementing the plastic accessories, the construction company was able to reduce their costs by 30%. The new accessories were lightweight and easy to handle, reducing installation time by 50%. The plastic accessories were also durable and corrosion-resistant, resulting in fewer replacements and reduced maintenance costs.

By partnering with Aspen Earth, the construction company was able to find a cost-effective and efficient solution to their problem. The custom plastic accessories designed and manufactured by Aspen Earth helped the construction company reduce costs and improve their operations.

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